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Eco Friendly

The world is embracing the environmentally friendly lifestyle. Eco friendly products are now everywhere, it is no wonder we see this trend also reflecting in the web. More and more companies are advocating for environmentally friendly programs on their websites, reflecting it in their designs and actions.

Bold colours and fonts

With all the depressing news last year, the clinical-looking pictures been abolished, it’s time to look on the bright side! We see the use of bright, neon, and full-on juicy colours with combination of bold fonts, designs you won’t soon forget! Designs that may bring smile on your face.

Retro pictures

We spent a lot of time in our homes last year, fondly remember our past and wanting to bring back some of it back. Retro been dominating interior design over the last year. It’s time to bring back the pastel colour palette and familiar looking illustrations!

Muted colours

With the retro muted colour palette stay in trend this year. It been popular last couple years and it won’t leave us in 2021!

Authentic image illustrations

We all want to be unique; we saw enough of the copy paste template sites in the past year. We want to see authentic design and bespoke illustrations, animations and fonts on that new site! Particularly popular has been cartoonish illustrations. Abolish stock pictures and look for unique art. Just take a look at our site – we are great example =)


Geometrical patterns that used to be so popular in retro design are coming back, and they everywhere – in your website layout grid, in your illustrations, in your patterns and in your package design.

Encourage creativity

“I want design that encourages people be more creative,” I hear, and it’s great!  Create from any materials, and draw your doodles! All of it can have a place in site design and give unique and inspiring experience to your customers!

Look for new dimensions

Parallax Scrolling, horizontal scrolling, scrolling cards – all these effects are back, renewed and will look fashionable on your site. Look at your image from a new dimension, add these effects on your site for a dynamic and deep user experience.

Dark background

Sites with dark backgrounds are back! Go bold go dark! Easy on the eyes to increase user attention and longevity. You can mix it with white or totally abolish white and boring. Check Our website it is great example for it!

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