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Do you need a Small Business Website Designed 2020?

Not sure if you need a small business website? Uncertain about benefits you’re going to get if you make one? Well, this article is for you! 

We are your Local Perth based Web Design Agency. We often work with WordPress but have much experience with different platforms. So here are our thoughts on the subject of why do you need a Small Business Website Designed in 2020!

Having a website can increase your credibility with clients, make you available to possible customers 24/7, grant you access to site statistics, showcase your work and your services, save you the money on advertising and much much more. 

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In 2020 everyone is on the Internet all of the time. People are socialising, buying things, learning a new skill, watching TV, making friends and they can do almost anything else online. Therefore having an online presence on the Internet is super essential for you to get anywhere with your project. Sadly social media has become so loud and distracting, that it’s growing harder and harder to make an impact and stand out online. Any ideas on how do we get around this? It’s simple – create a website. Here are ten reasons why a website will help you grow your business:

  1. VISIBILITY ON GOOGLE. Increased trustworthiness and visibility meaning that you’re going to be showing in search engine results on Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. That adds to your credibility, brings new customers because your potential clients go online to look for your business. The website becomes your digital face or a business card. Customers can see what kind of services you offer and what your customers say and get an idea of what it is like working with you. A well-optimised site will help your business rank well on Google and attract new customers. There are some tools you can apply to optimise it yourself without any specialised knowledge.
  2. 24/7 PRESENCE. It allows for 24/7 availability. Even if you are not available, your site can answer a lot of potential customer questions, reducing your workload. Consider putting a chatbox on your site so that people can ask support related issues. Maybe they’re trying to find out more about working with you, the website is always up, constantly no matter what time is it 11 pm or 6 am.
  3. SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION. The great thing about having a website is that you can install plugins to connect with all your other social media and portfolio accounts. Things like the Facebook pixel can join the website to your Instagram or Facebook account, Google maps, LinkedIn, Pinterest… Therefore your site connects these people on different platforms. And people can find you quickly and navigate between your account to see the information in their preferred format.
  4. EXPEND YOU BUSINESS. Now you can target those areas and people you did not target before. Instead of using paid adds, get your visitors to leave their email addresses and use newsletters to give them valuable information and offers. Provide more services online to more people. 
  5. PORTFOLIO. Showcase your products and services. Having that website up will enable you to tell people what you’ve done for other clients. For many people, it is an opportunity to be creative and express themself in more ways, present your work in a specific creative way. It is always an excellent approach to have a “Case study” with a real example of how you were able to help other business. 
  6. PROFESSIONAL EMAIL. It raises a level of your professionalism to all of your correspondence. Business is more creditable if it has a professional domain and email address, compared to the company that only has social media profiles. It is also an excellent place to display any of the certifications and awards that your business has. 
  7. EASY TO MANAGE. A website is easier to manage than a pack of Social Media Account and Portfolios. You can control information and your branding, it is yours, and it is constant. Use statistics on the site to your advantage, analyse how visitors end up on your website and what information they found useful. Utilise your knowledge!
  8. REVIEWS. Always showcase your best reviews and testimonials on the front page. Genuine reviews like personal customer testimonials are an excellent way to provide social proof of your worth. 
  9. E-COMMERCE. You can get paid online, take deposits, sell your services or goods. It’s an opportunity to expand your business beyond its area or provide different services to more people. 
  10. COST. All of the above advantages you can get without spending much money. You don’t need expensive coding anymore. Most platforms now have latest drag-and-drop builder, and it’s never been easier to build a website. Moreover, it is a new way to make money by collaboration with other businesses and like-minded people.

Surely, by now, you understand that the correct question was not “do I need a website?”, but “can I afford not to have a website?”. And the correct answer is no. A website is one of the best investments in any business that you can make in its future!

Furthermore, the question is what’s been the obstacle that’s keeping you from getting your small business website going or using it to drive more leads for your business? Please fill free to leave your answer in the comments below. We love to be able to help.

You might be unsure about what kind of website do you need to have. Then it will get your company going and start getting clients from the site. Let’s talk about the web platform as there are a lot of choices out there. Our favourite platform for building local service-based small business websites is WordPress. We love it for its functionality, flexibility and cost – it is free. Combine WordPress with good quality Local Hosting, include an SSL certificate for security, and it gives you the ability to develop your website quickly, optimise it for Google and concentrate on growing your business. WordPress is the most popular platform to make a website and with a good reason.

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