WordPress maintenance and security / website care plans

Hackers love to target WordPress websites as it is the most popular website platform. Its flexible, easy to use and powerful. However maintenance becomes extremely important

WordPress updates

WordPress gets new updates every few weeks. Those are necessary to keep your website save and use latest technology. We do updates every two weeks. Do you know what version of WordPress is your site on now?

plugins updates

WordPress is open system. This mince that there are a lot developers creating plugins and Themes for it. Plugins need to be updated regularly. We know the best plugins that you need and we take care of updates and testing for you.

everyday backups

You can never have too many backups. Hosting providers run daily backups of all your files but they're not liable for data loss. Its a very good idea to do WordPress backups independent from your provider

Theme Updates

The theme is the template that controls your website's design and functionality. It's necessary to keep your theme updated periodically to take advantage of new features and improve security.

Security Protection

We use a number of things that protect your site: a firewall, plugins that block attacks and keep an eye on all traffic on your website. Staying on top of things means that we will notice if something goes wrong, fix it and prevent future attacks

regular reports

Do you know what pages your visitors are most interested in? How many visitors do you get? How many sales? We'll send your Google Analytics and other key reports monthly so you stay in control of your business

Protect your website today!

We’re obviously not in favor of just leaving your website be and doing nothing about security and updates until something happened. 

Please, don’t leave it to chance: learn to update yourself or leave it to us: 

Ready to start?

Unfortunately, no one can make that promise, not even Pentagon Security Team.  All we can do is preventive steps, like double-locking your home’s doors, installing monitoring systems, alarms….  The point is to improve and harden your website so the majority of hackers  move onto easier targets.

Yes, maintenance is a subscription service. We do works on your website every fortnight, reports, support and monitoring. The minimum is three month and you can stop at any time just be notifying us. 

We may be able create a special option for you. Send email to discuss it. And we do have special pricing for non-profits organisations

Our service fee is from $80 per month depending on website and its features.  Contact us for more info.

Once you’ve signed up and we have the website access, we will process initial website state, create few report for you, discuss any works that will be necessary and backup everything.  This takes few days and after we will be protecting and monitoring your site.

 If your site is hacked at the moment of signing up, clean-up is NOT included.  In this case we offer a service that will manage the clean-up at a reasonable cost.

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