How to write an Effective About Us Page?

How to write an effective about us page?

The statistics from a recent survey highlights that over 50% of website users prefer “About Us” to be the home page of the website they land on. Pretty interesting, right? So, is your “About Us” your home page already, or do you have any intentions of doing so?

Even if your website structure does not allow you to make “About Us” your home page, you can still satisfy your audience’s concerns by sharing comprehensive details about your business. It can include your method to help your customers and what your customers can expect from you.

If you are seeking help with setting up the right tone and the perfect content for your website’s page, then this article can make your life easy.

Here’s how you can write your home page:

Give due consideration to the audience

One of the amusing things to note is that this page is about you, but it should be too company-centric, or your audience will bounce back. Nobody has enough time to read something that doesn’t benefit them in any way. Give your audience the reason to believe that you consider your customers important and keep them at the center stage when planning your business strategies.

Share your value proposition

Your customers need to know what makes you unique or better than the competition. So, do not leave your value proposition for the last. Tell them what your business does, how different, and how it helps consumers. You might even want to add your ethics and work culture as well. But keep it below your value proposition.

Mention who you are and introduce your team

You can make this section visually appealing for your audience by including your and your team’s pictures. Including such a section will help you establish your company’s reputation with the clients. Besides, you can accredit your employee’s hard work through this section.

State your business story

People would be interested to know why you started this particular business; was it a problem you faced that led you to start your company? Or if it was a novice idea that made you enter the market? But don’t go deep into the story.

One of the better ways to handle this is to divide your story into sections regarding the timeline. It will allow your audience to skim through the content and read the specific paragraphs of their interest.

Besides, do not forget to set the right tone and be customer-centred with your content.

Do not forget contact information

Irrespective of the availability of specific “contact us” page on your website, do not miss providing all the contact details through which your audience can reach you. With the provision of contact information, you aren’t giving your customers a way to get in touch but also creating your credibility with the audience. So, don’t miss it out.

Call to action is essential

Some people might consider contact information adequate to trigger a customers’ response. But it might not always be enough. So, try mentioning “call us for a free quote” or “leave us a message” to get a specific response.

If there are specific business timings, don’t forget to include them subtly so you’ll get your potential leads during business hours.

As About Us is one of the integral pages of your website, so you must not compromise on the quality in any sense. Whether it is the written material, design, or graphics, everything must be the BEST. Who knows how many clients your “About Us” page can bring in for you!

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