What to expect when you hire a local web Designer?

Hire A Local Freelance Web Designer

Hi, we are local Web Designers/Developers in Perth, Western Australia. Here is what you can expect when working with us

Working with a local web designer/developer is different from hiring somebody you don’t know from freelancing platforms. Often, local freelances are more reliable as we have a reputation in our area, we care for rewires, ratings, and all our clients are local businesses just like us. You can always rely on us to be there for you.

  1. Unlike big agencies, you only work with one person only instead of several people contacting you or answering your queries. We are very small team and you will have one point of contact.
  2. The exceptional quality of design. Please see our portfolio before you contact. We don’t subcontract for web design, so this is our style, and if you like it, you get it.  
  3. Our process is designed for local businesses. Most likely we will visit your office because we want to know more about your business. We have a lot of questions to ask and some questionnaires for you to fill. This helps us in building the perfect solution for you.  We will guide you/your team through website content creation. If you need extra help, we can recommend many local services like photographers, graphic designers, copywriters to make a unique website.
  4. We design with SEO in mind. One of the reasons we ask so many questions is that we start optimising your site for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) before it’s built. We help you find the perfect keywords, create the structure and content you need for your project. UX design. User experience design is critical. We will help you to capture your visitor’s attention with effective tactics. We know how to create a lead magnet that works and we know what does not work for websites. Content strategy. Before we begin, we will discuss potential ways of future marketing. You can start working on your content white. We do the design, and this saves time and money. 
  5. Customer freedom policy. We are firm believers in making websites that anybody can manage and support. So yes, we provide maintenance packages, but our customers are not locked into it. They have the freedom of maintaining their website, hiring us, or somebody else to do that. When we design a website, we make everything possible for our client to have independence without extra costs. Every account we open with our customer’s name and credentials. Starting from the domain, hosting, SSL, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Analytics, Merchants accounts, and many other accounts needed to create a functional website. We make the process moving on as easy as resiting one password: no extra charges, no pressure, no locked accounts. So if you stay with me for maintenance or SEO services; It’s because we provide the best services suited to your business needs!
  6. Following up maintenance and support. We are very keen to work with you even after the project is finished. Every website gets three months of our best care packages. We do daily backups, updates, spam management, minor issues fixes, and even content changes depending on the package. All our websites are updated with the latest software, speed and checked for technical issues (broken links, accessibility issues ) every month.

Let’s see one more time what you can get when hiring a local designer:

  • Local reputable service works with local clients
  • Experience designer/developer
  • Easy guided process for local businesses
  • SEO optimised site
  • Best User experience funnels to convert visitors into customers
  • Customer freedom from locked contracts
  • Following up support and maintenance

We’ve been designing and developing websites for local businesses like yours since 2017. Our expertise has helped many local organisations get off the ground with their first website or redesign an existing site that was outdated and needed updating. If your organization needs help getting started on creating a new website or improving your current site’s performance online then please contact us today so we can work together to develop something tailored specifically to meet your goals and budget requirements! We offer competitive rates for all types of work.

We’ve reached the end of this blog post, and we hope you found it informative. Let we know in the comments if you have any questions or need more information about our process!

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