10 Tips For Beginners: How To Choose Keywords For SEO

10 Beginner tips: How To Choose Keywords For SEO

Do you know How To Choose Keywords correctly For SEO?

Let’s say you have a new article. How To Choose Keywords so the search engine will like your article? Do you want to know one more opportunity to increase your website traffic? It’s the usage of proper keywords! This article illustrates what keywords are and how to use them on your website. To make that clear, we will give you the example of a pet shop website. 


A keyword is a word or a phrase of four words (four words are optimal) that describes what is your website about. People are using them to search for you or your business online. And a search engine uses the keywords from your website to rank it! So, you need to include those words and related words into your content. For example, you are an owner of a pet shop. The keywords for your business can be ‘pet shop, pet shop Perth, pet shop online, the nearest pet shop…’.


A long-tail keyword is a specific phrase of keywords that is more exact and made up of 4+ words. These words, if you use them in a proper way, will help you to get new more interested buyers. Your prospective customers will search ‘dog treats in Perth’ or ‘organic and natural treats for dog Perth.’. Which is more concrete? The customer that uses long-tail keywords will most likely buy your product. Their search engine gives much less, but more concrete results and you want to be there!


Just open Google Search and start typing your keywords. It will show you about 6-8 ideas of your search query.

Another great benefit of using Google is that it’s free.

Google trends is a simple-to-use tool, very clear and plain. You choose your area and enter your keyword. This SEO tool shows you requests in all the regions of choosing the area.

Google Trends

And even the city!

Also, it shows you related topics and related queries. So, you can compare them and choose proper keywords or keyword phrases.

Keyword Surfer is another free Google keyword tool. You can install it to your search engine and it will show Estimated Search Volume* and Cost Per Click for Google Adwords Campaign right in the search box.

*Search Volume – refers to the number of searches for a particular keyword, that are made by search engines.

  • HOW TO USE SEO KEYWORDS TOOLS (some of them)

To begin with, you can open any search engine and write ‘free keyword tools. There are a great many of them! To simplify your work, let’s look at some of the most interesting and effective SEO Keyword tools. 

https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/ -is a very simple, but really great and beneficial tool. Enter a domain or a keyword. Choose your area and language. Press Enter and get the result. Every position in the schedule has a definition.

On the left side, there are a lot of additional features you can try.

https://answerthepublic.com/ – is an interesting resource with an unusual design. There you can find not just single keywords, but the questions people ask using your keywords. As in the previous links, there are many helpful clues.

https://analytics.moz.com/prois a plain and colourful research tool. To get free access you have to sign in.  

In addition, there are 10 links to the images that have the keyword or keyword phrase in Image Alt Tags.


Remember, Google is very expert at specifying the topic of your page; it can recognize synonyms, closely related words and efficiently determine the quality of the text. So, please don’t use your keyword phrase several times just to up the number. Instead, concentrate on the high quality of the information, extensive descriptions, quality photos and maybe even a video on that page. 

Firstly, they should be in your Title and Meta description. It’s very important! Because it’s what Google shows on the search engine results page. It’s what your customer sees foremost. 

Then your keywords should be in your content. Headers and Sub-headers, Page content/Body paragraph and Link text

There are four more components for keywords in the web address of your business website. A domain name, Subdomain name, Folder name and Page name should include your keywords.

And of course in Image Alt Tags. It’s another good opportunity to make a statement. If you use the Image Alt tag, a search engine will identify it as a keyword or a keyword phrase related to your page. 


Go to your competitor’s websites. You will learn to identify proper keywords for your niche. It’s a great opportunity to see what you’ve missed or even you can add some new ideas to your own list of keywords. And study some websites, that aren’t at the top of your query. It will allow you to avoid their mistakes and your website will be at the top of any search engine!

Our team hope this article will help you to boost the rating of your website in any search engine! Feel free to leave your feedback below and ask questions.

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